Humblebrags Clearing Out Facebook

SAN FRANCISCO – With the recent shocking development that more than 11 million young people have fled Facebook since 2011 and Tumblr refugee camps are now said to be dangerously overcrowded with Selfies, Anthony Anderson and Mad Dug Duchamp take a closer look of what some experts believe is the root cause:
Mad Dug: Anthony, do you know about this weird trend sweeping Facebook called the humblebrag?
Anthony: Humble-what?
Mad Dug: Basically, a jackoff musician writes on facebook something like: “Man recording my new album with the New York Philharmonic as my backup band is sooo much work – it drops in March, yo.’
Anthony: What’s new about that? The Muppets have been doing it for years.
I’m Anthony Anderson and I’m Mad Dug Duchamp and that’s your Yahoo! News tech chat.

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